Deluxe Plus Series

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Deluxe Plus Series

Beauty and Strength. 65, 66, 67 and 69

Enhance the appearance of your home with the Deluxe Plus Series by Ankmar. These handsome residential garage doors combine the beauty of wood-like design with the strength and easy care of steel. Available with a variety of panel styles, the Deluxe Plus Series features insulation surrounded by two steel skins, thus providing durability and noise reduction. A choice of window styles and durable baked factory finishes lets you select the perfect door for your home. get more info and a free estimate today!

Choose Your Windows

Window options available with a variety of decorative trim designs. Estate_Window_Series_Deluxe_Plus


Panel Styles

Panel Colors

Two deep-drawn, tension-leveled, galvanized steel skins are polyester painted and wrapped around a one-pound density expanded polystyrene insulation board using a polyurethane adhesive. This construction method provides insulation value, durability, sound deadening qualities, and dent resistance for an all-around superior product.
A. Finish Painted Coat
B. Primer Coat
C. Galvanized Layer
D. Steel
A. 10-ball steel rollers provide quiet operation and long lasting durability
B. Heavy duty galvanized 14 gauge hardware
C. Tongue and groove design provides weather-tight section joints
D. 2”expanded polystyrene insulation provides an R-Value of 8.0.
E. Steel skins inside and out provide maximum durability.
F. Aluminum bottom retainer with vinyl weatherstrip follows contours of your garage floor to seal out weather.