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Summer Heat and Garage Door Tune-Ups

Why take chances with the summer heat affecting your garage door? Summertime puts a whole set of conditions in play that can affect your garage door system’s performance. As one of the most important appliances in your home, it’s a smart call to be attentive to your garage door opener during summer months. With the impact the temperatures has, most garage door systems benefit from summertime garage door tune-ups.

Summer Considerations for Garage Door Systems

  • Heat and Humidity: It’s quite expected that increased temperatures will make your garage warmer in summertime. The reason this can become an issue is that electronics can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Heat can affect both the sensors and the wiring in your garage door opener’s motor. At temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, things expand more than expected. As a result, this can have an impact on how your garage door performs.
  • Direct Sunlight: Did you know that the sun can impact your garage door’s performance? It’s not just about the increased heat, either. If your garage door does not operate properly during a certain part of the day, it can be because of the sun. Sometimes the sun tricks garage door operators to sense an obstruction when there is none, which causes the door to not shut properly.
  • Potential Power Surges: Electrical storms during the summer can produce lightening and power surges that can affect how your garage door operates. To mitigate power surges to your garage door opener, use a single-plug surge protector. If your garage door opener system suffers from a significant surge without the proper protection, you may need to have the system replaced.

Benefits of Summer Garage Door Tune-Ups

  • Optimize your garage door’s mechanics with heat-related adjustments
  • Prolong your garage door system’s life expectancy
  • Ensure that your door is lubricated with a formulation appropriate for higher temperatures

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